There’s just too much going on in this picture



Hot nigga is such a bad song but it’s so good in vines

It’s good grow up Noah

No it’s not except for the six seconds after week agoooo


Cashin' Out by Ca$h Out


when you at church with your husband and you see his ex

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Hot nigga is such a bad song but it’s so good in vines


canyougrowup listen bxtch I got rid of u once on this website I can do it again


I hope when I die I still get the 411 about what’s happening on earth because I want to know where humanoids will flee to in their ufos in 5 billion years when the sun dies



"This is fine"

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i love people who are cute and ugly at the same time




i know you guys are done with ferguson news because its not “”“”trendy”“”” anymore but an eight year old child was hit with tear gas

why does no one on this site know how to post news

instead of trying to take jabs at people and going “i’m the only one who cares look at this” just post the fucking news and tell everyone what’s going on

how do y’all make some of the simplest shit so mean-spirited

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